5 Reasons to Geocode Addresses

Different naming conventions for addresses can make it confusing, impacting deliverability and logistics efficiency. Fortunately, all locations on the planet have latitude and longitude coordinates. With geocoding, locations are assigned with precise geographic coordinates, which help different industries, including restaurants, healthcare, public sector, manufacturing, marketing, logistics, and delivery services. Geocoding is more than just having more accurate location information. Geocoding offers business value and data enrichment. Here are five reasons to geocode addresses.

1. Precision and accuracy

With precise, plotted coordinates, you can improve logistics and decrease shipping costs. Drivers can pinpoint a location and use the fastest and most efficient routes to arrive at the site. Optimizing driving routes means reducing travel costs, such as gas. For multiple deliveries, this means drivers can maximize their time.

2. Increase customer satisfaction

Meeting consumer expectations continues to become more challenging with the rise of same-day delivery guarantees. When companies can meet these demands, they give customers estimated delivery dates. However, customers still expect their packages to arrive as soon as possible. When drivers strategically plot the most efficient routes, they are likely to fulfill deliveries faster, which increases customer satisfaction.

3. Improve data quality

By using geocoding, you can have “cleaner” data. Addresses can be vague, particularly for locations when addresses don’t follow a convention. Addresses are also written differently depending on the country. Suppose you have a database with international contacts. In that case, chances are your list contains different address naming conventions, spelling errors, and other inaccuracies due to mistranslation or human error. However, incorrect addresses can also happen with local addresses. A data enhancement service can correct spelling mistakes and other small inaccuracies. However, if the error is severe, the address can ruin the quality of your database. With geocoded locations, you can correct the addresses.

4. Business intelligence

Geocoding enriches data by giving you insight into your customers, better understanding your demographic, and lowering your risk probabilities. By increasing demographic awareness, you can recognize what the population of a given area looks like and strategize your targeted customer marketing. For example, an area heavily populated with families may be better for a brand if their products are for children.

5. Boost global success

If you’re managing a database with international addresses, the chances are that your list is filled with different naming conventions. For example, the U.S. uses house numbers, street names, and the city, while some Asian countries use the opposite ordering, starting with the province and ending with the recipient’s name. Therefore, using geocoding gives companies a global edge and competitive advantage.

Runner’s EDQ CLEAN_Address provides precise rooftop geocodes for 95% of all physical addresses in the U.S. as well as 40 countries around the world. Our unique address parsing and matching algorithms help GeoCoder fix spelling errors and complete addresses with missing or invalid components to provide more precise results.