Runner EDQ Partner Programs
Runner EDQ offers our partners a clearly differentiated Address Verification Solution where companies value a fully integrated world class user experience.

Development Partners

Become a Runner EDQ Alliance Partner

Becoming a Runner EDQ Alliance Partner is easy!

Simply fill out the application, and one of our representatives will be in touch within 24 hours.

Increase your business opportunities along with your customers’ satisfaction

  • Develop expertise, knowledge, and skills in selling, implementing, maintaining, and supporting Runner EDQ’s CLEAN_Address solutions
  • Offer market-leading solutions to new and existing customers with resources to enhance your sales, marketing, technological, and business capabilities
  • Runner EDQ offers partner training programs, sales and marketing incentives with attractive margins, and business management support.
  • Get generous rewards for your investment partner-discovered opportunities and pipeline generation
  • Runner EDQ’s CLEAN_Address solution delivers a measurable return on investment within one year.

Increase profits with incentives, rebates, discounts and more.

  • Partner Service Desk: Respond to quote requests in a timely manner with access to a dedicated team to provide you customer quotes and order submission assistance for Runner EDQ products.
  • Sales and pre-sales training: We offer you the same training that is offered to our sales force to ensure your team is equipped to successfully complete sales of Runner EDQ solutions.
  • Sales tools: We offer a variety of resources to help you increase the speed and profitability of your sales including brochures, solution guides, and customer-facing demos and presentations.
  • Program webinars: Stay connected through Partner webinars and a variety of live and recorded events available exclusively to our partner network.

Build brand awareness and generate new leads

  • Program logo: Support your Runner EDQ partnership with a Runner EDQ Alliance Partner logo
  • Pipeline Generation Day: Access ready-to-go marketing and sales content to run pipeline generation campaigns, saving money and creating more qualified leads
  • Marketing templates and graphics: Co-brand Runner EDQ marketing assets to increase campaign views, deliver more leads and grow awareness
  • Market Development Funds (MDF): We invest in your success through co-funding business and marketing activities designed to increase your Runner EDQ (CLEAN_Address) sales
  • Event sponsorship opportunities: Maximize your brand awareness and drive demand through our sponsorship packages
  • Regional marketing forums: Invitation-only events provide you updates from the Runner EDQ leadership on our business, indirect sales strategy, and how to unveil new offers and program updates
  • Social media opportunities: Gain exposure to our broad customer base by contributing to Runner’s EDQ social channels

Be field ready

  • Technical documentation wiki: Access information created by Runner EDQ solution experts both internally and externally to prepare for projects and establish value with the customer.
  • Developer community: Be part of a growing group of experts that have developed and continue to develop new capabilities within the CLEAN_Address solution.
  • Technical training and certification: Partner sales, presales, delivery and support engineers can stay up to date on the latest versions of Runner EDQ solutions by accessing Runner’s Partners Portal (RPP), knowledge base, customer use cases, product direction and more.
  • Demo and trial software: Learn how to build out a proof-of-value demonstration. Practice the delivery of a solution based on the value a customer requires.

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