Why Higher Education Institutions Need Address Verification Services

Higher education institutions have to fight for their students in every way. They must keep the students’ best interests at heart; they must retain them, and ensure they have all the necessary conditions to thrive and excel. In the digital age, that also means keeping all vital information readily accessible online, as well as being able to get in touch with the students.

Address verification services should be a priority in higher education, considering they help keep all the internal processes of the institution running smoothly. If you’re wondering why higher education institutions need address verification services, here are a few reasons:

Better Engagement with Students and Alumni

Student and alumni engagement is one of the crucial concepts when it comes to the prestige and overall well-being of a higher education institution. Disengaged students drop out, which results in increased recruitment costs for the institutions and lost funds. Disengaged alumni do not donate or work on the betterment of the higher education institution that they graduated from. And the reputation of the institution itself suffers if its students and alumni aren’t engaged enough. In today’s high-competition environment in education, it is imperative to maintain engagement on a high level.

But how can you engage your students and alumni if you can’t even reach them? When someone’s contact data changes and they fail to update it, you’re going to be cut off from them, which could lower not only engagement but also cause other issues. Address verification services ensure that this doesn’t happen and that you always have the means of contacting the students.

Proper Support and Communication

For a higher education institution to function smoothly, there needs to be well-developed communication between it and the students. However, that’s not always the case, especially when contact data errors slow down the connection and cause issues. Email takes center stage as the most important channel of communication between higher education institutions and its students. Unfortunately, institutions often experience email deliverability problems, and usually, prefer to rely on student addresses to relay the necessary information.

Student cell phone numbers are also being utilized in higher education to alert students of any local emergencies or dangerous circumstances via mass text. Having the correct phone number is vital to communicate instructions and warnings regarding threats, natural disasters, and other safety issues.

The consequences of student contact data errors can be severe if the higher education institution is unable to deliver time-sensitive information quickly. In those cases, address verification services allow you always to be sure that your student contact data is clean so that you can offer them proper support and timely communication.

Address Verification Services for Clean Student and Alumni Data

As we can see, correct and up to date contact data is the prerequisite for virtually every function between the higher education institution and its students. As such, higher education institutions can’t afford to neglect their databases or fail to update information. Address verification services make that process much more natural and automated.

Software integrations solutions like Runner EDQ’s CLEAN_Student and CLEAN_Alumni provide address verification and integrate with your existing data management solutions.

For more information about how these solutions help higher education institutions stay in touch with their students, click here.

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