Why Email Marketing Still Works

In the age of social media and smartphones, social media marketing and digital content seem to dominate marketing efforts. There is a common misconception that email marketing no longer works. However, this is not true. In fact, email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to grow your business and a strategy still leveraged by companies of all sizes.

Email marketing is still a very effective strategy for generating leads and growing the customer base. Here’s why email marketing still works:

Targeted and trusted communications

Social media is an excellent way to attract engagement with your audience. Still, email marketing allows you to send targeted messaging to people who are interested in what you have to say. Email marketing also works because it will enable you to build relationships with your customers. When someone signs up for your emails, they are letting you into their inbox. They trust that you will not spam them and send irrelevant content or advertisements. Email marketing allows businesses to build positive relationships with their customers and show appreciation for loyalty if done correctly.

Mobile behavior

The increased use of smartphones doesn’t mean that people only use their devices to consume content and scroll their social media feeds. With 4.03 billion people worldwide using email, nearly 42% of people access their emails on their mobile devices multiple times a day.

Lead generation and retention

A whopping 89% of marketers still use email as their primary channel for generating leads because email marketing remains effective. Consumers maintain a certain level of trust when it comes to emails because they feel it carries more professionalism. When an email comes from a trustworthy source and is not being directed to their spam, they know the email contains a worthwhile message for them to accept.

Increasing Email Marketing Effectiveness

Of course, email marketing is only effective when done right. Your emails should be segmented and personalized for email marketing to be successful. Because of rising mobile use, emails should be created for both desktop and mobile – allowing you to reach a wider mobile audience.

Most importantly, your marketing team should be working with a clean email database. A “dirty” email list is incomplete, inaccurate, incorrect, and inconsistent – all of which slows down productivity. A bad email list is also the result of poor data gathering practices, which leads to unengaged or uninterested contacts. These can negatively impact deliverability, open rates, and click-through rates.

The key to maintaining clean data for email marketing is leveraging the right data quality solution. With clean data tools, you reduce returned emails significantly and standardize data across the entire organization. You can also verify and correct address data in real-time, reducing the risk of launching an email marketing campaign that will likely fail.