The State of Kansas Case Study

Data integrity is imperative to the State of Kansas at a state-wide level. Leveraging CLEAN_Address® has enabled the State of Kansas to achieve its data quality goals in Finance through point of entry address verification in Oracle’s PeopleSoft.


Mitigating point of entry data errors for suppliers at a state agency

Kansas is the 15th largest state by area and the 34th most populous with 2,940,865 residents according to the 2020 census. The State of Kansas sources goods and services from hundreds of thousands of suppliers and maintains a large database of customer/resident data.

A Gartner study found that in databases without an address verification solution, an average of 14% – 22% of the address data is undeliverable.  Based on internal research, Runner EDQ has found that most address errors originate from point-of-entry data errors and data imports containing incorrect, or bad data.

Inaccurate data was causing cost overages and disruptions in business processes at the State of Kansas.  Data issues throughout several state agencies and departments were cited as problematic at the point of entry.  Each area affected with address inaccuracies was less efficient, less cost effective and heavily reliant on manual corrections after receiving returned mail such as checks and 1099s.

The State of Kansas required a robust, integrated and enterprise-wide address verification solution to maintain data integrity for their finance modules in Peoplesoft. Their Supplier Maintenance Team required point-of-entry validation and formatting for thousands of new supplier addresses per month.

Verifying and formatting international addresses was particularly challenging. Manually updating this data in Peoplesoft was cumbersome and disruptive to staff productivity. 


CLEAN_Address® is an Oracle Validated Integration for Oracle’s PeopleSoft Application that verifies, standardizes and corrects address data at the point-of-entry and in batch.  It also includes functionality for National Change of Address Processing (NCOA) to keep up with a moving population that includes individuals, families and companies to ensure the contact still resides at the address on record.

CLEAN_Address seamlessly integrates into PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM), Finance

Supply Chain Management (FSCM) and Customer Module pages.  It delivers an uninterrupted experience to the end user while providing point-of-entry mitigation for address errors and formatting issues.  The batch processing function works directly in the PeopleSoft address tables with no export or import being required.

Address verification is achieved by verifying against approximately 150 million delivery points in the U.S. as well as international address verification for over 240 countries and territories.

Additional applications available within CLEAN_Address include CLEAN_File for batch processing outside of the ERP, the CLEAN_Data Portal to process flat files and APIs to support other address data quality requirements throughout the enterprise.


With the reduction of returned checks, 1099s and other parcels, the State of Kansas has communicated better with its suppliers and customers. Additionally, the State of Kansas has benefitted from less labor from manually correcting data, easing the need to format both international and domestic addresses. The reduction of manual labor and other costs associated with bad addresses has saved the State of Kansas thousands of dollars a year.

By using Runner EDQ’s address verification solution to validate both domestic and international addresses in real time within PeopleSoft, the State of Kansas was able to eliminate its data quality issues at an enterprise-wide level and mitigate the address data integrity problems that were affecting the business processes throughout the state government. The State of Kansas leverages its enterprise license through the use of all state agencies using CLEAN_Address to validate supplier addresses.

The real-time element of CLEAN_Address ensures that supplier records are saved correctly in PeopleSoft. This positively impacts the staff at the State of Kansas because it no longer requires employees to manually validate, correct, and research supplier addresses. The supplier approval process has become much more efficient due to the assurance that addresses are correct.


Data integrity is imperative to the State of Kansas at a state-wide level. Leveraging CLEAN_Address has enabled the State of Kansas to achieve its data quality goals in Finance through point of entry address verification in PeopleSoft.

Many organizations realize instant return on investment from the benefits that come from using CLEAN_Address within their PeopleSoft applications. CLEAN_Address benefits include the reduction of costs associated with bad address data, staff efficiency, better productivity and smoother business processes.

There are countless factors that contribute to data inaccuracies. Reasons such as misspelled street names, missing apartment numbers, incorrect postal codes, missing contact information, and transposed house numbers are just a few examples of grounds for data error. With over 50 million individuals, families, and businesses moving each year, it is crucial to keep contact data as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Verify, correct, update, and standardize your contact data using the leading integrated data quality solution from Runner EDQ.